Die Brennenden Betten

The Burning Beds

Pictures at an exhibition for Anselm

In these new series of paintings, de Arnal plunges further into his “trance of territorialization” – that physical pilgrimage of making ones’ mark, so to speak, for which he has become notorious. Demonstrating a hopeless fascination with his own prima materia. His work is a secular expression into the quotidian abyss of the erotic experience. The viewer may at once be grappled by de Arnal’s colors and his attention to detail in those most hidden of subjects. The alchemical quality of de Arnal’s work lies in the secret ability to linger, erotically, in our memory-while never forgotten as a kind of carnal “missing link”, adjoining the psycho-sexual subconscious of everyone who has loved.

– Charles Linder

Ohne Title

Oil on linen on wood w original metal frame – 30 × 40″

The Age of Terror

Oil on canvas w metal frame – 60 × 40″

Horse of Copper

Charcoal on cardboard – 22.5 × 30″

Screaming Artist


Ohne Titel

Oil on linen on wood w original metal frame – 30 × 40″

Eros & Psique

Silver gelatin on paper – 8 × 10″

The Omen

Acrylic on cardboard – 40 × 60″

Les Jeux Dangereux

Oil on Canvas – 64 × 80″